ISBN 978-1897244-30-2

Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The Wave 5 – Petty Tyrants

For the first time in print, author, historian, and social critic Laura Knight-Jadczyk recounts the events leading to and inspiring the writing of her widely acclaimed Wave series.

In a series of hard lessons and shocking revelations, recounted in this two-volume narrative, Knight-Jadczyk shares her discoveries into the nature of humanity and its relation to objective reality.

What is a "petty tyrant"? Who are those people in our lives that seem to cause us so much trouble? How should we deal with them? In the course of answering these questions, Knight-Jadczyk touches on her vast knowledge of channeling, emotional feeding, the realm of archetypes, and the ancient science of alchemy.

With down to earth clarity, deep metaphysical knowledge, and plenty of high strangeness, Knight-Jadczyk has succeeded in presenting a map to the complex labyrinth we call life.

341 pages

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